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The Freezer is an essential accessory for most ordinary households. You can also choose a suitable type depending on how long the food is to be preserved by frost.

Perhaps no household today can do without a very practical and necessary device, which is a freezer. If you opt for a freezer, which should be a separate unit and not part of the refrigerator, then you have two options.

Counter or drawer freezer.

  • A more common type is a drawer freezer. The food is stored here clearly, and it is possible to separate, for example, vegetables from meat or some aromatic foods. The drawer freezer is also much more compact and can stand without problems in a normal kitchen.
  • Counter freezers usually belong to the equipment of shops or establishments where food is prepared. But we see it more and more often in ordinary households. Here it is used mainly for storing food for a longer period. The counter freezer has much better insulating properties and the food in it will remain unchanged for a longer period. The capacity is also not reduced by drawers, and therefore it is larger in content. Thanks to these properties, counter freezers are more energy efficient.
Coryo Summer EVEREST APPLIANCES INVERTER SERIES INVERTER Serise ET-IV10BST-HF (1.0HP) P 27.990 ET-IV15BST-HF (1.5HP) P.31,990. ET-IV20BST-HF (2,0HP) P41,990 0% FREE DESK FAN FLOOR STANDING ET-IV25BST-HF (2.5HP) P49,990 OPTIMUM SERES OPTIMUM SERIES INVERTER SERIES (R410A) P 94,990 P 143.990 ET-IV36FSR2/M (3.0TR) ETR210AST-HF (1.0HP) P20,990 ET-IV603FS/M (5.0TR) ETR215AST-HF (1.5HP) P 23,990 0% CONVENTIONAL SERIES 0% ETR220AST-HF (2.0HP) P31,990 FREE DESK FAN ETR225AST-HF (2:5HP) P37,990 ET-R236FS/M (3.OTR) P62,990 ET-60FSR2/M (5.0TR) P90,990 SINGLE DOOR REF WINDOW TYPE 0% ETR-196L (5.6cu ft) ETR-235L (6.5cu.f) P 11,490 P 12,490 Menre 0% FREE DESK FAN FREE DESK FAN 2-DOOR REF INVERTER SERIES ELECTRONIC TYPE NO Fi ET2RN216|IV/H (76 cu.ft.) P 18.990 P 26,490 P30,990 F ET2RN269IVIM (95 cut.) P23.490 P 9,590 P 11,990 P 14,990 P 23,990 ETIV10AWD/G (1.0HP) ETIV15AWD/G (1.5HP) ETIV20AWD/G (2.0HP) ETIV25AWD/G (2.5HP) ET-A10WDR2-HF (1.0HP) P 14.490 ET-A15WDR2-HF (1.5HP) P 16,990 ET-A20WDR2-HF (2,0HP) P25,990 P37,490 ET2R 90L (3.2 cu ft). ET2R 138L (4.9 cuft) Wartha P 42,490 0% ET2R 213L (75 cuft) ET2R 312IVIC (1 cu ft.) PORTABLE AIRCON 0% Wanth ET10 POR/M-HF CHEST FREEZER 0% (1.0HP) MANUAL TYPE P 17,990 ET-CF04/M (4.0cu.ft.) P9,990 ET-05WDR2/C-HF (0.5HP) P 8,990 P 13,990, P 18,490 P 27,990 ET-CF071/M (7,5cu.t.) ET-CF115L/M (11.5cu.ft.) ET-MO6WDR3-HF (0.6HP) P 9,990 0% ET-CF190IV/M (19.0cu.ft) ET-M10WDR2-HF (1.0HP) P 13 490 ET-M15WDR2-HF (15HP) P17.9890 FREE ET-M20WDR2/G-HF (2.0HP) P 24,990 DESK NO FROST SIDE BY SIDE FAN ET-M25WD/T- HF (2.5HP) P27 990 ETRSN530IV/M (21.0 cu.ft.) P48,990 PERSONAL REF 0% 0% ETPR-64L (1.8cu.ft) ETPR-122L/H (3.3cu.ft) P7,990 P5,690 WATER DISPENSER FREE PERSONAL REF ETPR64L/H ET-WD1161 P4,990 P 5,990 P 9,290 ET-WD1170 ETWD601BL Al piclurms, features and specificationa e subject lo change wihoul prior nolice

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