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Garden furniture sets

Gardner furniture is essential for relaxing in the garden. If you choose one that fits exactly into your surroundings, you will add a tasteful and interesting element to the garden.

The modern and very hectic time in which we live requires some compensation in the form of good rest and relaxation. For many people, nature is the best place to relax. If you have a garden, you have won. Then all you must do is choose a suitable garden furniture and fortunately you will not miss anything.

  • However, gardner furniture must be selected appropriately.
  • It must match the house and the immediate surroundings.

We will also certainly require high resistance and durability from our garden seating. Gardner furniture will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. The most sought-after material is wood. In this case, you have several other choices.

  • Some prefer solid furniture and others prefer exotic wood.

            - This can be, for example, teak or eucalyptus.

            - Teak gardner furniture is very suitable for year-round use.

            - This type of wood is not subject to harsh outdoor conditions or is attacked by pests or fungi.

Modern designed houses with stylish gardens can interestingly enrich metal gardner furniture. A copper-aluminium alloy construction is considered almost indestructible and very stable. This material allows a wide range of non-traditional and classic forms.

  • For example, the so-called expanded metal with mesh is very popular.
  • This involves drawing and punching metal sheets.

Gardner furniture made of metal material excels in high durability, and in addition does not require any demanding maintenance. Even though it is a metal, it is light and will therefore be easy to handle.

  • One option is also a combination of two different materials.
  • Aluminium construction with rattan weave is very well used.

However, artificial rattan is more suitable for outdoor use. The big advantage is that this type of gardner furniture can be combined with elements made of wood, metal, and other materials.


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