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thumbnail - Walter Mart offer  - 9.2.2024 - 22.2.2024 - Sales products - lemons, oysters, soup, Knorr, sauce, noodles, corned beef, yoghurt drink, Birch Tree, mayonnaise, powdered milk, oats, spice, oyster sauce, Lee Kum Kee, Coca-Cola, Sprite, soft drink, Coke, soda, carbonated soft drink. Page 6.
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PANTRY STAPLES SAVE P28 KNORR Soy Liquid Seasoning Original 1L Before: P320.00 NOW : P292.00 SAVE P3.75 CAPTAIN Instant Oat 400g Before: P74.50 NOW: P70.75 BUY 8 TAKE 1 LUCKY ME Pancit Canton Kalamansi/ Original/ Sweet & Spicy/ Chilimansi 80g/ Hot Chili Thin Noodles 75g Before: P126.00 NOW: P112.00 SAVE : P14.00 Mix and Match BUY 7 TAKE 1 Instant DATMBAL LEE KUM KEE Panda Oyster Sauce 18oz. Before: P175.00 NOW: P167.00 DUTCHMILL Yogurt Drink Mango/ Strawberry/Superfruits 90ml Before: P100.00 NOW: P87.50 SAVE : P12.50 Mix and Match P Cy Co Cara Lucky PANCIT CANTON SAVE P8 GOD Puteh Mal Dutch Mill Dutch M Dutch Mi Duteh M Dutch Mil Dutch A 2 FOR P140 Monde Special Mamon CHOCOLATE MANFLUED 45 MONDE Special Mamon Choco / Strawberry 48g 4s Before: P158.00 SAVE: P18.00 Monde Special Warnin Also available in Vanilla flavor Mix and Match 2 FOR P105 Supermarket Angel Condensada ANGEL Condensada 380g Before: P115.50 SAVE: P10.50 BUY 3 SAVE P7 SPRITE Regular/ ROYAL Tru Orange/ COKE Soda Zero Sugar Vanilla 320ml Before: P105.00 NOW: P98.00 SAVE P4 Angel Condensada KNORR Regular Dry Soup Chicken & Com 60g Before: P55.00 NOW: P51.00 PROYAL Also available in Coke Light, Sprite No Sugar & Sprite Lemon+ Mix and Match Knorr Rosunak CHICKEN & CORN 2 FOR P106 +Fibe Fiber DUTCHMILL Delight 100ml 5s Before: P114.00 SAVE: P8.00 SAVE P10 OATSIDE Milk Barista 1L Before: P188.00 NOW: P178.00 Selected Stores only 4 FOR P100 4 FOR P110 ARGENTINA Ready To Use Giniling 150g Before: P120.00 SAVE : P10.00 Delight retin Letenting Giniling Giniling Delight ONS #-A MINUTE MAID Nutri+ Orange/ Orange Mango Can 240ml Before: P106.00 SAVE: P6.00 Mix and Match OATSIDE 200% 200% VITC VITC February 9 - 22, 2024 ng 2 FOR P106 ARGENTINA Corned Beef 260g Before: P114.50 SAVE: P8.50 SAVE P27 Argentina COM SAVE P11.50 LADY'S CHOICE Mayonnaise 700ml Before: P352.00 NOW: P325.00 2 FOR P110 Tady's Choice Real Mayonnaise Argentina C Birch Tree FORTIFIED BIRCH TREE Fortified Powdered Milk 660g Before: P224.50 NOW: P213.00 MINUTE MAID Nutri+ Orange/ Orange Mango 1L Before: P120.00 SAVE : P10.00 Mix and Match Minde S 200% VIT C AN A Mote Mai BENUTA 200% VITC f WalterMartSupermarket

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