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thumbnail - Walter Mart offer  - 9.2.2024 - 22.2.2024 - Sales products - water, paper towels, Sanicare, cleaner, bleach, Domex, glass cleaner, Pledge, dishwashing liquid, Joy, trash bags, insect killer, brush, animal food, dog food, Pedigree. Page 10.
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CLEAN AND SAFE BUY 1 GET 2ND @30% OFF Zonrax PLUS ZONROX Bleach Plus 900ml BEFORE: P105.00 SAVE: P16.00 NOW: P89.00 L‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒ BUY 2 SAVE P7.50 JOY Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Refill 540ml 3s P Look for Pre-bundled Pack Zonrax PLUS 10% OFFI.. SAVE P4 ALBATROSS Single Lemon Bathroom Deodorizer 50g BEFORE | P71.50 NOW | P64.00 Also available in Sampaguita variant P399 CHEERS Medium Black Garbage Trash Bag BEFORE | P41.00 NOW |P37.00 Cheers Regular Trash Bags DOMEX Stain & Limescale Cleaner White Fresh 475ml BEFORE | P119.00 NOW P105.00 Carans O-OORGRADARE SAVE P14 BLACK Jome SAVE P70 BAYGON Multi Insect Killer Spray Water Based 500ml BEFORE I P398.00 NOW | P328.00 Supermarket BUY 2 SAVE P18 SANICARE Folded Paper Towel 2ply 150Pulls BEFORE | P179.00 NOW | P161.00 Baygo Sanicare SAVE P5 Sanicare QUICK TIE Trash Bag Black XL 10s BEFORE | P104.00 NOW | P99.00 Also available in Large size SAVE P20.50 OGLEAM SOSA Liquid Declogger 1L BEFORE: P204.50 NOW: P184.00 QUICKTIE YOUR S Siken LIQUID SOSA www SAVE P70 BUY 2 SAVE P6 BAYGON Multi Insect Killer Shield Defense 500ml BEFORE | P379.00 NOW | P309.00 CLEANS UP Double Purepad BEFORE | P58.00 NOW | P52.00 PLEDGE Orange Furniture Cleaner 330ml BEFORE | P369.00 SAVE P6 NOW | P332.00 Trosky Cleans SAVE P37 Bayoon EASY TIE Gift Bag Trift XL 10s BEFORE | P131.00 NOW | P125.00 Cleans UD EASYTIES 2608607 February 9 - 22, 2024 SAVE P15 ZIM Regular Glass Cleaner w/ Trigger Head 500ml BEFORE | P152.00 NOW | P137.00 SAVE P22.50 GLADE Lemon Burst Air Freshener 320ml BEFORE: P225.00 NOW: P202.50 SAVE P8 CLEANS UP Brush Floor Polishing BEFORE | P81.00 NOW | P73.00 SAVE P30 Cleans 2x Pedigree Zim BASS BE PEDIGREE Dog Food Beef & Vegetable 1.5kg BEFORE | P299.00 NOW | P269.00 f WalterMartSupermarket

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