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thumbnail - Walter Mart offer  - 23.2.2024 - 7.3.2024 - Sales products - papaya, tamarind, napkins, bath tissue, Sanicare, cotton pads, pads, soap, PH care, moisturizer, sunscreen lotion, eau de parfum, deodorant, repellent. Page 9.
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EVERYDAY BEAUTY SAVE P5 SAVE 499.75 SYMPLY G Perfumed Kojic Skin Lightening Soap - D Before: P50.00 NOW: P45.00 BELO Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen Spf50 50ml Boto Before: P999.50 NOW: P499.75 Look for Pre-bundled Pack BELO Deodorant Whitening SAVE P36 Look for Pre-bundled Pack Relo Relo TINTED TINTED Relo Belo 5 6 Perfumed SE LIGHTER Perfume. BUY 2 SAVE P47 HEARTTEX Bathroom Tissue Greentea 3ply 10rolls Before: P325.00 NOW: P289.00 GREENCROSS 70% Isoprophyl with Moisturizer 500ml Pump BEFORE: P236.00 NOW: P189.00 Walter Mart 180g Original 40ml D Buy1 Take 14.75 BEFORE: P136.00 NOW: P122.00 Hearttex Koment REGION SAVE P7.50 UNI Kojic Acid Glutathione Beauty Soap 135g 2s Before: P75.00 NOW: P67.50 SAVE P23 OFF Repellent Overtime 100ml Before: P226.00 NOW: P203.00 BUY 2 SAVE P14 SANICARE Cotton Pads 60s Supermarket OFF! OVERTIME BUY 2 SAVE P27 GREENCROSS 70% Isoprophyl 500ml Pump BEFORE: P226.00 NOW: P199.00 Sanicare Cettes Sanicare Cathed compact COTTON PADS 60 UNI Kojie compact COTTON PADA Ca 11 UNI Keje Ghetar Gestion e ALM SAVE P20.25 FOREVER GLOW Lotion Papaya & Tamarind 100ml Before: P67.25 NOW: P47.00 SAVE P17 MYRA Classic Whitening Lotion 100ml Before: P110.00 NOW: P93.00 SAVE P9 SAVE P26.50 Former Glow SANICARE Bathroom Tissue 3ply 12rolls 600s Before: P263.50 NOW: P237.00 SAVE P12 Modess MODESS Napkin Body Adapt Longs With Wings 8s Before: P65.00 NOW: P56.00 Myra) Body Acret La EFFICASCENT Oil Extra Strength 100ml Before: P120.00 NOW: P108.00 12 Kells SPLY FEB. 23 - MAR. 7, 2024 SAVE P13 SYMPLY G Perfumed Kojic Lotion -C 220ml Before: P130.00 NOW: P117.00 SAVE P10.50 SAVE P17 NEW LOOK! Sanicare DEOPLUS Deodorant W/ Licorice Extract 80g Before: P102.50 NOW: P92.00 Ecolagers BATHROOMOFISSUE What is Ecolaget SAVE P24 ASCORBIC ACID CELLIN Chewab Expmpling Perfumed ASCORBIC ACID CEELIN' Chewables 20 PH CARE Feminine Wash Floral Clean 250ml Before: P167.00 NOW: P150.00 CEELIN Otc Chewables 30s Before: P161.00 NOW: P137.00 120 DEOplus ANT Icare. Fatal Clean C f WalterMartSupermarket

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