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thumbnail - Walter Mart offer  - 22.3.2024 - 4.4.2024 - Sales products - puffs, cream puffs, fish fillets, salmon, salmon fillet, seafood, milkfish, fried chicken, ready meal, bacon, cooked ham, ham, Arla, custard, yoghurt drink, strips, Bounty, steak. Page 5.
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SEAFOOD FESTIVAL SAVE P25 Century Bang Untertaned Milksh P23 SAVE SAVE Century P30 Bangus Spicy Marinated Milkfish CENTURY BANGUS Boneless Belly Unseasoned 400g Before: P294.00 NOW: P269.00 SAVE CENTURY BANGUS 2pcs Hot And Spicy 450g Before: P272.00 NOW: P249.00 SAVE CENTURY BANGUS Marinated 2pcs 450g Before: P259.00 NOW: P229.00 P21 Norwegian Salmon Steak P30 OceanFresh Norwegian Salmon Filler Slab Mar. 22-Apr. 4, 2024 Century QUALITY Bangus Marinated Milkibh BUY TAKE SAVE P27 UNBRANDED 267.50 Creamdory Frabelle Cream Dory FRABELLE Norwegian Salmon Steak 250g Before: P320.00 NOW: P299.00 FRABELLE Norwegian Salmon Fillet Slab 250g Before: P339.00 NOW: P309.00 FRABELLE Cream Dory 1kg Before: P216.00 NOW: P189.00 PANTRY STAPLES SAVE P2 Fresh NUTRI-FILLED SPECIALTY EGGS SAVE P3 10. FREE RANGE SPECIALTY EGGS BOUNTY FRESH Egg Nutri-filled Petite 10s Before: P127.00 NOW: P125.00 Also available in Omega 3/Dha/ Vitamin-e Enriched/Organic Selenium 10s SAVE BOUNTY FRESH Egg Free Range 10s Before: P198.00 NOW: P195.00 SAVE P5 P15 Specials COOKED HAM Pampanga's BEST Tocino MEKENI Sliced Ham Cooked 250g Before: P78.50 NOW: P73.50 NEW! PUFOODS Dil BREAKFAST SAUSAGE PAMPANGA'S BEST Native Tocino Regular 450g Before: P170.00 NOW: P155.00 ANY 3 FOR P100 Arla SAVE P8 SAVE P15 Tmpled Spicy Wings SAVE P15 MAGNOLIA Ready to Cook Spicy Chicken Wing/kg Before: P350.00 NOW: P335.00 MAGNOLIA Ready to Cook Spicy Fried Chicken/kg Before: P279.00 NOW: P264.00 SAVE P7.25 Pana's BEST Bacon Strips CL PAMPANGA'S BEST Bacon Strips 250g Before: P142.25 NOW: P135.00 SAVE P4 M.KANA do Good MILKANA So Good Strawberry 100g Before: P51.00 NOW: P47.00 NEW! P209 PUREFOODS Tender Juicy Chili Jumbo 1kg 3 FOR CHILIP Tender Juicy P45 onde MONDE Special Cream P ande m Puffs Chocolate Monde Special Cream Puffs Chocolate/ Custard 25g Before: P50.25 SAVE: P5.25 Also available in Mixed Berry Yogurt 100g Select stores only Cream Puffs Custard PATTY PUREFOODS ARLA Arla Pascual NATURAL Arla PASCUAL Greek Plain GRIIK Yogurt Drink 250ml Before: P43.00 NOW: P35.00 Natural Yogurt Strawberry/Cherry 100g Deli Breakfast p275 Before: P117.00 Sausage Patty 400g SAVE: P17.00 Supermarket Also available in Mango and Strawberry Waltermart f WalterMartSupermarket

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