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PANTRY STAPLES SAVE P40 Hoogen Dan SAVE P59 Häagen-Dazs Mar. 22-Apr. 4, 2024 SAVE P47.25 marby PITA BREAD (Tortillas SAVE p4 HAAGEN DAZS Stick Chocolate Almond 80ml Before: P139.00 NOW: P99.00 Also available in Stick Vanilla Caramel Almond and Stick Salted Caramel 80ml 2 FOR P90 Kinder Jul HAAGEN DAZS MACADAMIA NUT Pint Macadamia Nut 473ml Before: P469.00 NOW: P410.00 Also available in Pint Green Tea 473ml NEW! MARBY Pita Bread 12s Before: P147.00 NOW: P99.75 SAVE P7 Malkist MONDE Loaf Fluffy White 600g Before: P85.00 NOW: P81.00 Select stores only SAVE P8.50 Mode FLUFFY BREAD Sandee деля KINDER JOY Chocolate Natoons T1 / Chocolate T24 For Boys/ Chocolate T24 For Girls 20g Before: P104.00 SAVE: P14.00 Mix and Match SAVE P10.50 Le-mond Julie's Kinder Juk DAIRY MILK BUNDLE PACK CADBURY Dairy Milk Bundle Pack 30g 4s Save 25 12 FOR P100 SAVE P25 AS MUCH AS P115 MALKIST Sweet Glazed Biscuit 28g 10s Before: P62.00 NOW: P55.00 Also Available in Bbq Biscuit 28g 10s 8 FOR P98 NISSIN Water fer Cheese SIN NISSIN Water SIN SANDEE Vanilla Cookies 30g 10s Before: P63.50 NOW: P55.00 Also Available In Whole Wheat Cookies 30g 10s 3 FOR 100 JULIES BISCUIT Lemond Lemon Puff Sandwich 170g Before: P105.00 NOW: P94.50 2 FOR 38 SOY SOY CZ SECRETZ JACK N JILL Pretzel Bbq/ Pretzel Cheddar & Sour Cream 28g Before: P108.00 SAVE: P8.00 Mix and Match 3 FOR P178.50 PRETZELS STICK SNACKS TZELS NISSIN Wafer Cheese 50g/ Peanut Butter 50g/ Double Choco 55g Before: P112.00 SAVE: P14.00 Mix and Match NISIN iter Wafer Butter ONISSIN Wafer Cheese Mad IN fer 200% 200% VIT C PIATTOS Cheese/ Nacho Pizza / Roast Beef 85g Before: P109.50 SAVE: P9.50 Also available in Chip Roadhouse Bbq and Spicy Cheese Mix and Match COKE BUY 3 SAVE P7 Soda Zero Sugar Vanilla 320ml SPRITE Soda No Sugar 320ml Before: P105.00 NOW: P98.00 Mix and Match ca-Coca-Co UDIA prit DUTCHMILL Milk Soy Secretz Japanese Rice 230ml Before: P42.00 SAVE: P4.00 Also Available In Milk Soy Secretz Chocolate Hazelnut And Milk Soy Secretz Sweet Corn 230ml SAVE +6.50 ROYAL Tru Orange 1.5L SPRITE Soda Regular 1.5L Before: P193.50 SAVE: P15.00 Mix and Match ROY Sprite AL 2 FOR 110 MINUTE MAID Nutri+ Orange/ Orange Mango 1L Before: P120.00 SAVE: P10.00 Mix and Match PEPSI Zero Sugar Lime Soda 1.5L Before: P64.00 NOW: P57.50 Waltermart PEPSI P252 NESTEA Lemon Iced Tea 20g 12s Free Nestea Pitcher Look for Pre-bundled pack Supermarket NESTEA Lamon NESTEA Lemon NEW! NEW AW A&W p36 Soda Rootbeer 320ml BUY 5 TAKE 1 JACK DANIEL'S & COKE Blacks 320ml Before: P492.00 NOW: P410.00 SAVE: P82.00 DANI DANIE DANI DANIE CK DANIE CKD DANIE Nº7 Coca-Colloca-Cola f WalterMartSupermarket

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